Bagua Spa

Woman Laying Down for Massage

Welcome to Bagua Spa, a tranquil oceanfront retreat overlooking the stunning northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Settle into the indulgent comfort of a world-class, nature-based sanctuary, offering a range of services that include relaxing massages, soothing body wraps and revitalizing aromatherapy and therapeutic facial treatments.

Spectacular ocean views are complemented by a design courtesy of renowned Dominican architect Sarah Garcia. Throughout the state-of-the-art 12,400-square-foot space, principles of Feng Shui — the name “Bagua” is one of the essentials of Feng Shui — have been incorporated to create a luxurious escape, where visitors can find harmony and clarity. Ten private therapy rooms include two couples’ rooms with two-person Jacuzzis and terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Guests may also enjoy private therapies in one of three outdoor oceanfront treatment gazebos set over a tropical pond with soothing waterfalls.

At Bagua Spa, professional therapists infuse indigenous Dominican healing traditions with the finest European spa practices, creating a one-of-a-kind “cross cultural” experience to nurture and inspire body, mind and soul.

Spa Services

As easily as gentle waves erase footprints in the sand, Bagua Spa washes away the stresses of everyday life. We invite you to step into a world of simple and classic elegance. A world that nourishes the body, awakens the senses and frees the spirit. It’s the world of Bagua.

A sample of our services include:

Marine Feast - 80 minutes

Towels Rolled Up by the Pool

The skin's ability to absorb micro elements is maximized as a warm water Thalasso Bath encourages the penetration of marine ions. This treatment is followed by a marine mud body wrap.

Hot Stone Massage - 80 minutes

Hot stones massage

Deeply relaxing stone massage combines heat and pressure to ease tension and restore balance.

Bagua's Classic Massage - 50 and 80 minutes

Two Beds in Spa

Tempered to the individual's muscle tone, this rhythmic and thorough massage addresses aches and pain.

Bagua's Deep Tissue - 50 and 80 minutes


A skilled therapist determines the most appropriate treatment plan to address injuries, chronic aches, fluid retention and more.

Ocean Massage - 50 and 80 minutes

Covered Hut on the Beach

Ocean and botanical elements are combined with massage to bring luster and balance to the skin.

Chocolate Fantasy Wrap - 80 minutes

Chocolate fantasy

Togetherness Massage - 50 and 80 minutes

Two Beds in Spa

An intimate experience, Bagua’s massage rituals for couples provide therapy for both body and soul. Relax in our private couple’s suite and Enjoy:

30-minute Serenity or Sensuality Soak

50 or 80minute Couples Massage

Bagua Spa also offers a wide array of other spa and salon services, including many varieties of women's and men's facials, full and part day spa rituals, manicures and pedicures as well as hair and make up designs. Please see our full list of services and prices on the attached Bagua Spa Services List.



As the source of all life, the ocean is the source of Bagua Spa. Its chemical composition mirrors that of our own bodies so our treatments and therapies harness its nutrients and healing powers to replenish and renew.